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The iPhone with USB

Jun 05, 2023






We are just a few days away from Apple unveiling the iPhone 15 series. The date for the Apple September event has already been announced. Brace yourself for exciting new releases on 12th September.

It’s almost been a year since Apple debuted the iPhone 14 Pro last year with the best feature on an iPhone in years: Dynamic Island. Its amazing on-screen animations which expand and shrink based on how the user interacts with it, or whatever information it displays make it way more functional than the notch which is static and takes up space. Dynamic Island is likely the second most significant step in the history of the iPhone after the FaceId.

As per rumors, Apple will replace the notch with Dynamic Island on all the iPhone 15 models. So all the iPhone 15 lineups are going to be visually more appealing than the ones with the notch display. The only difference between the Pro and regular models is the former will support a promotion display(1–120Hz display) while the latter will be coming with a 60Hz display.

Another Pro design change coming to all iPhone 15 models is frosted matte back glass. This was inclusive only for Pro variants of the iPhone since the iPhone 11 Pro, but Apple is expected to make uniform design changes this year. The titanium frame of the iPhone 15 Pro models will be smoother and more rounded than those of the aluminum frame on the regular models.

The display of the iPhone 15 Pro will offer the most immersive viewing experience compared to any iPhone as Apple plans to reduce the bezels to a great extent, bringing it closer to Apple’s dream of an all-glass iPhone. Also like last year 120hz and always on display will be limited to Pro models only.

The 48-MegaPixel camera is another significant addition for all photography enthusiasts and will be available on all iPhone 15 models. Regular variants will include a 48-megapixel rear camera with a new stacked sensor design that will work better in low light and reduce shot sharpness.

The iPhone 15 Pro models are expected to come with 5x optical zoom which will be able to zoom two more than the current 3x zoom available on iPhone 14 Pro.

In 2012, Apple introduced the lightning port, which modified the charging port. The major change that Apple will be implementing this year with the iPhone 15 series is switching from the current lightning connector to USB-C due to pressure from the EU to support the USB-C cable. While the ordinary variants of the iPhone 15 will be limited to 18W charging, the iPhone 15 Pro models are anticipated to offer 35W wired charging. The wires will be braided like the Magsafe cable, 1.5m long, and color-matched to the iPhone.

iPhone’s had ring/mute switch button since the first iPhone but as per rumors, iPhone 14 Pro will be the last iPhone to come with a switch button. Apple is expected to come with a similar Apple Watch Ultra-like Action Button. The action button on the iPhone 15 Pro will enable several functionalities on the iPhone namely camera, flashlight, translate, mute, and various accessibility features, etc.

According to Kuo, there will be no gold option color for the Pro model this year, and it will be available in grey, white, black, and blue while the regular models are coming in black, pink, yellow, blue, and green.

I am super excited for the Wonderlust Appleevent. Are you?That’s it. Thanks for reading.