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Target tech deals: Save up to 50% on Beats, Canon and more

Nov 05, 2023

As the summer days dwindle and we prepare to resume our fall schedules, you might be wondering, where'd all the time go? Though back-to-school season marks an exciting chapter for many families, the preparation period can be hectic and expensive. But stocking up on the right tech gear doesn't have to break the bank. Now through Aug. 12, Target is running thousands of tech deals for the whole family, including up to 30% off office essentials such as laptops, tablets and printers and up to 35% off headphones and speakers.

Whether you're looking to save on a big ticket device or upgrade smaller tech essentials such as mouse pads, lightning cables and even graphing calculators, this sale is a great time to shop. Target offers additional perks for back-to-school shoppers, including custom registries designed to support students, families and teachers by helping you track shopping progress in real time and allowing those who want to contribute gifts to do so with ease. And college students can score 20% off a storewide purchase until Aug. 28 with a free Target circle account and proof of attendance at an accredited college or university. The retailer even offers free shipping on orders over $35.

As part of our series Shop This List TODAY, we scoured the sale for 13 top tech deals worth adding to cart before it's over.

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A good graphing calculator is probably the most practical thing a student can ask for. It's no surprise that many of our interns have put this exact one on their birthday, holiday or back-to-school wish lists. The TI-84 is at the top of the educational tool hierarchy and an essential in many STEM classes — and it's not always available at such a low price so we recommend snatching this deal before it's too late.

Work hard, scroll soft with this ergonomic mouse pad designed to prevent strain and keep you supported during long hours in front of the computer. The brand says that this pad is anti-slip and made with memory foam meant to keep your wrist in a neutral, comfortable position.

You can never have too many charging cords, and if the members of your household tend to fight over whose gear belongs to who, consider grabbing one that stands out, like this braided USB-C cable. Not only is it stylish and unique, the Heyday brand says the cord is durable, iPhone-certified and will provide a lightning-fast charge.

Busy schedules mean you probably can't afford to lose time searching for your keys, wallet or ID. Attach this bluetooth-enabled device to your belongings and locate it via an app or your own smart home device. According to the brand, it's waterproof, comes with up to a three-year battery life and produces a loud signal that can be heard from 250 feet away. Customers praise the tiny tool for its utility and say the digital app is easy to use. Grab one (or multiple) while it's 20% off.

A good pair of noise-cancelling earbuds can never steer you wrong, especially when they're under $100. These buds come with two distinct listening modes: Active Noise Cancelling for when you really need to hone in or Transparency Mode for when you need to be aware of your surroundings, according to the brand. These come with customizable silicone ear tips to ensure a perfect fit for you and your sound, and their small size and water resistance only add to their utility.

For just $25 you can upgrade a home office, teen's desk or college dorm with a proper mouse and keyboard. According to the brand and verified reviewers, these devices are both quiet and comfortable, and the batteries last up to 16 months.

The best things in life come without wires and don't need to charge for very long, or so we've heard. This highly-rated, compact JBL Speaker promises impressive sound quality despite its small size. Target shoppers are say they're surprised by how good of a charge the device holds and that its waterproof capabilities are stellar.

This highly-rated massage gun is ideal for post-workout relaxation or maybe even after spending the whole day walking through campus trying to find classes. Either way, this near 5-star product is almost 50% off, and customers rave about its "museum-caliber craftsmanship" and the fact that it's "worth every penny." The brand says this product is lightweight, portable and provides a quiet, deep tissue experience. One customer even said: "My grandchildren will inherit this!"

Who needs a printer these days, you might ask? Well, you probably do. Despite this digital age, many classes and personal projects require hard copies and most public printing spaces are out the way and charge a significant fee for a few pages. Finding a printer designed to last you years for under $70 is no simple task, which is why we've gone ahead and done it for you. This all-in-one printer can receive jobs from almost any device and will end up saving you money in the long run.

A good air purifier will be a welcome addition to any stuffy office, bedroom or dorm. The brand Safe+Mate claims that you'll be saying goodbye to dust, dander, pollen, foul odors and much more with this lightweight purifier. One filter can last up to 6 months, and the device's touch screen allows for easy use. Plus, its quiet design won't interfere with your good night's sleep.

For a flawless, technicolor experience, Samsung says that you need look no further than this versatile computer monitor. Visuals can be seen from any angle, and games, movies and school work can be displayed seamlessly because this screen has software dedicated to reduced image-tearing, according to the brand. Also, the monitor can support multiple devices for an efficient work environment. For a limited time you can grab this product for $70 off and a 1-year warranty.

Beats has been on top of the sound game for quite a while now and for obvious reasons. With 40 hours of sound from a single charge and endless capability with both Apple and Android devices, these headphones provide sound that seeks to immerse the listener, according to the brand. For educational, creative and entertainment purposes, these headphones can follow you anywhere with their unique foldable design. And right now they're 35% off.

Some say the tablet is the new notebook, e-reader, console, canvas and instrument of the 21st Century. According to the brand, the Galaxy Tab S6 will "level up your 9-to-5 and your passion projects." You can transfer loads of information between devices with a single tap, add a keyboard and mouse for a DIY laptop setup or even create your own little theater with the surround-sound feature and crisp graphics. Did we mention that the tablet comes with its own stylus? Feel free to draw, edit or jot with the S-pen's simple and smooth design.

Jem Alabi is an intern at Shop TODAY.