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Singer Jimmy Lin recalls how pain from car accident injuries was ‘indescribable’

Jul 24, 2023

CHANGSHA – Taiwanese singer Jimmy Lin has opened up about the trauma he endured following his 2022 traffic accident.

“The injuries were very severe and the risk of paralysis was very real,” said the 48-year-old on the first episode of the third season of Call Me By Fire, which aired on Mango TV last Friday. He is one of 32 contestants on the popular Chinese reality show, in which male celebrities compete in singing and dancing.

Lin said that when he was recovering in the hospital, he had to be woken up every few hours as healthcare staff were worried he would lose consciousness and his condition would deteriorate. He was also on painkillers as he was in constant agony, adding that the pain was “indescribable”.

Lin was driving a white Tesla, with his seven-year-old son Jenson inside, in Taiwan’s Taoyuan city on July 22, 2022, when the car was believed to have hit a road divider and caught fire.

While the boy was unhurt, Lin was hospitalised for 10 days and underwent two operations – one to affix a titanium rod to his right arm and another for facial fractures.

The former teen heart-throb, who began his music career in 1992, said on the show that one major reason he chose to participate in Call Me By Fire was to publicly extend his gratitude to everyone who had a hand in saving him.

He added: “Thank you for allowing me to return to the stage and face everyone bravely once again.”

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