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Power Parts: Akrapovič Has a New Track

Jul 20, 2023

Akrapovič has a new slip-on exhaust for the fun, infectious Yamaha YZF-R3/MT-03 duo!

As an avid owner of an R3, I can personally attest to my desire to replace my factory-fresh pipe with a clean bit of eye candy; sure, ICE decibels sound nice enough when trumpeting through an OG chonk – but if sound plays a part in the joy of the ride, why not kick the experience up a point or two?

In line with the hype, Akrapovič’s stainless steel slip-on comes as a track-only beauty, complete with a race-inspired honeycomb titanium end cap reminiscent of Yammie’s MotoGP efforts. This pipe’s noise profile is not quite up to street-wise standards, but there’s the beauty of a track part – it doesn’t have to keep a low profile like your typical number.

RideApart tells us that the thing shows off a 68.9% lighter profile compared to the factory unit, as well as a “freer-flowing design which Akrapovič says improves throttle response while producing a deep racing tone.”

In short, if you’re looking for a throaty weekend rip, this sandblasted canister might just be the component to aid you in crunching your local circuit.