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Meet the battery that’s powering the future

Oct 02, 2023

As new transport and energy solutions move us towards a decarbonised society, the batteries used need to support this new technology and drive the future. Lithium titanium oxide batteries are the latest advancement, offering improved safety, longevity and fast charging/discharging capabilities that are perfectly suited to a wide-range of sustainable projects.

Batteries that are based on lithium titanium oxide technology are safer for heavy duty use where high power input and output is essential. They are also designed for use in temperature ranges from -30°C to 55°C, have super-fast charging and discharging capabilities, and last for more than 20,000 charges.

Introducing the Toshiba SCiB™ battery

This innovative lithium titanium oxide technology forms the basis for Toshiba’s new SCiB™ batteries. Years of careful research and development have provided Toshiba with extensive experience in manufacturing batteries, and the SCiB™ battery builds on this expertise to deliver long-term value.

SCiB™ cells are the basic building blocks for Toshiba batteries. These cells can be arranged in series and/or parallel connections, to make up larger units called SCiB modules. Modules, in turn, can be arranged in the same way to achieve a complete battery system of desired voltage and capacity.

The safety and reliability of battery modules are of paramount importance. To achieve this, each module comes with an integrated cell management unit (CMU) that handles balancing and temperature monitoring on individual cells. When these modules are arranged into battery strings, each string is further monitored by an individual battery management unit (BMU) for further safety.

Rather than traditional lithium-ion, e lithium titanate oxide (LTO) is used for the anode, which offers a higher longevity. Toshiba has also incorporated special technology that ensures that fire hazards are extremely low – even when a cell is crushed or punctured by external forces.

Benefits of SCiB™ batteries

Application for SCiB™ batteries

SCiB™ batteries are designed to be used in a broad range of applications and are ideal for use where high safety requirements are crucial, and rapid charging/discharging is necessary to keep things running smoothly.

Electric vehicles

SCiB™ batteries are ideal for electric vehicles of all sizes. Rapid charging makes them ideal for e-cars in everyday use. Their compact size and high energy capacity mean fewer batteries are needed on board, delivering more passenger space and reduced costs for larger applications, like e-buses.

They’re an excellent choice for e-trucks, too. When a truck is on a downward slope, SCiB™ efficiently recovers the regenerated energy, which assists in climbing up later. In addition, high energy storage enables longer distances on the same charge.

Trams and trains

With their high input and output capabilities together with rapid charging, SCiB™ batteries can be used to power trams and trains for daily use. The large rooftop surface of these transportation modes enables solar panels to be mounted to generate additional electricity for auxiliaries which can be stored in the batteries.

Underground mining

With their robust nature, safer materials, and longer lifespan, Toshiba SCiB™ batteries are already being utilised in electric vehicles on underground mine sites, where large energy capacity and low risk of fire are paramount.

Offshore applications

SCiB™ batteries have the power capacity to propel e-ferries and tugboats. Rapid charge means that they can quickly charge when they reach the ferry wharf, and their wide temperature range ensures they can be used in even the harshest of marine environments.

Autonomous vehicles

With its 100 to zero per cent depth of discharge, rapid charging, and low risk fire safety, SCiB™ technology is ideal for automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) and automatic mobile robots (AMRs). The batteries’ compact size means they can be used in vehicles where space is a constraint.

Uninterrupted power supplies

SCiB™ batteries can be implemented in smaller footprints for uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), helping to improve space utilisation in electrical rooms. Their high depth of charge ensures longer availability of power in emergency situations.

Solar lighting

With large energy capacity, SCiB™ delivers the perfect battery for standalone solar lighting in remote or inaccessible locations, and emergency lighting applications. With almost zero maintenance required, they’re effectively a set-and-forget solution – saving time, money, and effort.

Energy storage

Thanks to their high depth of available capacity down to zero per cent, SCiB™ batteries are ideal for storing energy, and their performance remains unaffected over a wide temperature range.

Choosing the right battery solution is clearly a very important decision.

This sponsored editorial is brought to you by Toshiba. For more information about SCiB™ batteries and their wide range of applications visit

This sponsored editorial is brought to you by Toshiba. For more information about SCiB™ batteries and their wide range of applications visit