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May 29, 2023

The collaboration between the two brands sees a departure from Bang & Olufsen’s usual approach of designing products that naturally blend in with people’s homes. “This collection is different. They’re statement pieces. Much like supercars, they make themselves seen and heard everywhere they go,” said Christoffer Poulsen, senior vice president of business development and strategic partnerships at Bang & Olufsen.

Beosound 2 delivers 360-degree home audio from a unit that can be placed on floors, tables or shelves and moved between rooms. Active RoomSense and built-in proximity sensors add smart technology, and a high-grade aluminium cone houses the speaker.

In The Ferrari Collection, Beosound 2 is anodised at Bang & Olufsen’s Factory 5 in Struer, Denmark reimagining the design in Ferrari signature red. The aluminium body is polished to provide a high shine, enhancing the richness of the red shade. The iconic Ferrari emblem sits below the grille.

Beoplay H95 is Bang & Olufsen’s flagship headphone now incorporates Ferrari’s jet-black shade with laser-etched Bang & Olufsen and Ferrari’s Prancing Horse logos. Under the earcups, the titanium speaker grilles have been anodised in a rich red hue, specifically selected for this collaboration.

The Beosound Explore portable speaker now also comes with Ferrari’s laser-etched Prancing Horse, and a striking black carabiner. The two-layer body of the speaker is anodised in red and black, so that the grille stands out against the dark interior.

For the Ferrari Collection, the right earbud of the Beoplay EX wireless earphones houses a striking black foiled logo of the Ferrari emblem, sitting under glass poured in the iconic red, cut and polished to provide a mirror-like shine.