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Debris believed to be part of Indian rocket washes up on beach in Thailand

Sep 06, 2023

Metal debris believed to be part of an Indian rocket has washed up on a beach in Thailand. The rusty, barnacle-covered piece of metal was spotted by lifeguards and tourists drifting along Karon Beach on Phuket island on August 30. Authorities dragged the wreckage back to shore for closer inspection. They determined that it was made of black fibreglass and weighed more than 100 kilogrammes. The waterlogged fragment also contained light blue wires and codes written in Indian. Another piece of debris was also discovered on Bang Niang Beach on Koh Kho Khao island in Phang Nga province on the same day. The metal piece, believed to be made from titanium or aluminium, was a metre wide and two metres long. Local tourism coordinator Mongkol Lunsopha said government organisations have been contacted to collect the spaceship debris. The fragments are believed to be part of the Indian Launch Vehicle Mark-III rocket that blasted off from Andra Pradesh state in India earlier in July. The Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft was reported to have successfully touched down on the moon on August 23, making India the fourth nation to achieve a moon landing. It is now exploring the celestial body's largely uncharted south pole, believed to contain sulfur, precious elements, and frozen water reserves.