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Conor McGregor boasts he is "three

Jul 28, 2023

McGregor had a titanium rod fitted in his leg after breaking it over two years ago and has now boasted he is made of "steel" whilst vowing to crush UFC rival Chandler

Conor McGregor has boasted he is "three-quarters steel" whilst sending a new warning to UFC rival Michael Chandler.

Former two-weight champion McGregor, 35, hasn't fought in over two years but looks set to make his UFC return against Chandler. An official date is yet to be announced for the fight and some fans are convinced that McGregor will fight Justin Gaethje instead after the American's recent 'BMF' title win.

McGregor had a titanium rod fitted in his leg after breaking it in his trilogy fight against Dustin Poirier and has since bragged about several of his limbs being made of steel. The Irishman indirectly targeted Chandler in two recent tweets by stating that "steel crushes iron", a reference to Chandler's nickname in the octagon.

"I’m not messing one bit, the bones at the top of my shoulders, break faces and noses and teeth easily. I’d fancy them to break a jaw handy. Isn’t that just crazy. It’s like they are made of a steel of some kind’ve industrial steel in my leg now, and I’ve long natural steel in the shoulders and elbows and knuckles of the fist. I’m over 3/4 steel and steel crushes iron. Crushes the little bones in irons face. Out with the iron you little bosu ball motivational speakin handbag."

McGregor hasn't yet re-entered the USADA testing pool to complete six months of mandatory drug testing, but is still hopeful of fighting Chandler at UFC 296 in December. Chandler isn't convinced he will fight McGregor this year because of his current drug testing status and lack of training footage on social media.

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“It's happening in December? I’m not holding my breath. But you know I’m ready,” Chandler said on DC & RC. "Is he training? I don’t know how much he’s training. We see him on boats more than we see him hitting bags. I’m ready. You know I’m always staying in shape. I'm 37 now so I’m trying to keep my diet a little bit more dialled in so I can stay a little bit more ripped, look like a professional athlete.”

“If it could happen by the end of the year, that would be phenomenal but if it spills over into 2024, either way, the most exciting guy in the sport, myself, versus the biggest star in the sport, and the greatest comeback in combat sports history, people are going to tune in and we’re going to put butts on seats.”

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