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Clients Say ‘All About Smiles’ Dentistry Is Even More

Sep 02, 2023

By Maria Scandale | on August 30, 2023

SCAN CAN: Now that a year of wall-to-wall renovations have retrofitted the dental office’s new location, the latest digital diagnostic equipment is part of the picture. All About Smiles is an award-winning practice in Forked River. (Photos by Jack Reynolds)

Moving to a new, luxurious, state-of-the-art office in Forked River has allowed All About Smiles Dentistry to offer more exceptional services.

Larger and with the latest technology, the new 710 Lacey Rd. site is comfortable for both new patients and those who have followed the 20-year practice up the road.

The dental practice provides all phases of general dentistry, family dentistry and cosmetic solutions for those looking for exceptional care.

Dr. LouAnn Bufalo VanLiew not only loves her job, but is honored to be nominated again as 2023 NJ Top Dentist in New Jersey Monthly magazine. The prestigious nominations are submitted by dentists’ peers. Van Liew said the honor would not have been possible without her amazing team.

The All About Smiles cosmetic and general practice focuses on listening carefully to patients’ concerns and designing a plan to achieve their goal of a beautiful, healthy, functioning smile. If they’d like, patients can opt for a full “Smile Makeover.”

“Many situations may have multiple options available. For example, a misaligned, crooked tooth might be addressed with orthodontic treatment, a porcelain veneer, composite resin bonding, or a dental crown,” says the website

“Like any other type of makeover, a smile makeover is a series of customized treatments for patients to help them realize their dream smiles. Imperfections of the smile may be quickly addressed with a wide range of treatments, allowing for dramatic improvements in a relatively short period. Some patients complete several treatments during a single appointment to achieve their transformation faster.”

Smile makeover solutions include some or multiple treatments: porcelain veneers, composite resin bonding, tooth-colored fillings, porcelain dental crowns, porcelain bridges, professional-grade teeth whitening, Botox and Juvéderm injections, partial or full dentures, dental implants.

To replace missing teeth, patients can discuss general and advanced cosmetic dentistry solutions, including the placement and restoration of dental implants.

“Whether using a single-tooth dental implant to replace one tooth or multiple dental implants to stabilize full dentures, these restorations are reliable, safe, and natural-looking,” the website notes. “Dental implants are considered the gold standard of care in tooth replacement due to their extremely high success and patient satisfaction rate.”

A dental implant is a titanium restoration that is used to act as a tooth root replacement. It appears as a tiny post surgically placed in the jaw and covered with various restorations, including complete dentures and porcelain crowns. “The dental implant often lasts a lifetime, making it a popular choice for patients seeking long-term smile repair.”

The latest technology was incorporated into the new office along with a yearlong renovation and redesign of the building. Currently, the office has four treatment areas, with the capability of adding three more. An immaculate lab, a consultation room and a bright reception area are part of the practice.

A portable X-ray unit is among other advanced equipment facilitating the greatest ease for patients. A detailed image is taken quickly. The device is nice for patients who tend to gag, the dentist explained. “We don’t have to run to another room to take the picture.”

Lindsey Waszkiewicz, one of the highly qualified registered dental assistants on the Smile Team, demonstrated the digital scanner that is easy for the patient, yet captures detailed images.

“We do scans for everything from Invisaline all the way to crowns and get to see the full mouth instantly,” she said, speaking first of the Invisaline process of discreet, clear trays that align teeth without metal brackets and wires. These clear aligner trays are worn to gently move teeth into proper position within the dental arch to improve bite alignment and eliminate gaps, spaces and misaligned teeth.

“This also shows us the bite. Say we have a patient who is having bite issues – this is a pressure force indicator; anything red is hitting extremely heavy. … It also has the capability for cavity detection. We have all the technology at our fingertips, and we can get a 360-degree view. It’s amazing; we love it.”

VanLiew continues to advance her skills through education with world-renowned dentists and specialists across the country.

One specialty is the office’s advanced treatment of the condition TMJ/TMD, or temporomandibular joint disorder. The malfunction of the jaw joint can cause problems from teeth grinding, poor bite alignment and migraines, to inability to open or close the mouth.

Van Liew is the only dentist in New Jersey certified in disclusion time reduction therapy. The treatment procedure uses Tekscan, electromyography and Jaw Tracker to analyze a patient’s bite and muscle activity to address TMJ issues and what may be the resultant fractured and worn teeth.

“We have a lot of instruments that track how your jaw works and how the vibrations in the joint are, how your bite comes together,” VanLiew said. “A balanced bite is crucial for all dental treatment to achieve the most comfort and lasting results.”

The dentist added, “Your bite really affects your jaw. This is the beginning of your spinal column, so if this is off-kilter, then your jaw is off-kilter. … It throws off your whole posture.”

There are many treatments for TMJ disorders, ranging from self-care practices to medication to surgery. An All About Smiles Dentistry physician will consult with the patient to determine which is best for them.

The website gives a further outline of services and other information. The office is reached by phone at 609-242-3567.

One more element of the website lists many testimonials from satisfied customers. They include comments such as: “nothing but positive experiences” and “no better place in the area” and “compassionate and educated” care. One patient since 2009 said she was recommended by a prestigious jaw surgeon. Yet another, “overwhelmed with gratitude,” said she had a huge fear of dentists and had avoided them for too long.

She continued, “When I walked through their door, the energy was calm, the atmosphere was warm and welcoming, and the staff were incredibly receiving. Instead of feeling like just a tooth to be fearfully fixed, I was treated like a whole human being with feelings and a soul …” with “professionalism that is instilled throughout the business … It’s really more than ‘All About Smiles.’”

—Maria Scandale

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—Maria Scandale